Company History

We have been in auto repair and car sales for over 25 years, family owned and operated since 1985.

Barney is owner/ operator. Patti his wife of 48+ years is co owner, bookkeeper, bill payer, tax preparer, ect. Respectfully dubbed "papa cheese and momma cheese" by Dennis and Steve who have been employed for 23 and 12 years respectively.

Years in Business

Tommy's Top Wrench Automotive has been in business for 25 years.


Local: 321-369-9853

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"I have been using Mike's Car Care for 10+ years now and I have to say Barney and his team of merry men are the BEST! They are about fixing cars right the first time and I have had nothing but positive experiences. Trust what they are saying when they say you need a part or repair. I never get the sense they are out to sell me more than what I need...if anything several times I have asked for extra work to be done to be proactive. When I use to work at Harris they had no problem dropping me off and picking me up when needed, even though it was close enough for me to walk. Check-em out and spread the word Mike's Car Care is the best!"

Scott L.

"You guy's are awesome , you fixed me up in a hurry... thanks ; steve."

William H

"I have used these guy's for many years. They do their best to accommodate your needs !
in the last week I have been dealing with Mikes Car Care for some time, service has been excellent and I recommend them to all my friends."

Clayton R.